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Hyperventilation syndrome?

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mani83 Sun 13-Dec-15 20:45:00

Has anyone get had this or has it? I have no idea why I have this as in my head everything is fine.
The doctor said I breathe too fast and through my mouth. Because of this I et pain in my chest but now I get pain in my head also!

Sherlockmaystealyourpug Mon 14-Dec-15 17:04:48

Yup i have/had this
I take long term meds for anxiety and learnt some breathing excersises. I notice it if i walk up stairs sometimes but it doesnt bother me like it used too.

mani83 Tue 15-Dec-15 10:49:06

I get headaches from it! went to get my sinus check but looking ok so going for a scan now.

GotABitTricky Wed 16-Dec-15 21:53:28

I had similar
Turns out my blood pressure was sky high. Easy to check with a GP or nurse, or even a £20 machine from Argos!

As soon as I started high blood pressure tablets the daily headaches stopped. Bliss.

Mellifera Thu 17-Dec-15 20:53:13

Yes, I had this. After months of worrying about my health. It's a wrong breathing pattern you get into, and then there is too much oxygen and not enough CO2 in your body.
Result is lots of symptoms, chest pain, dizzyness, tingling fingers/mouth, you name it.
There are good exercises you can do, all focus on breathing out longer than you breathe in, eg count to 4 breathing in, count to 5 breathing out.

HVS has a reason though, so maybe dig around a bit why your 'threat system' is working full power at the moment.

Mellifera Thu 17-Dec-15 20:54:37

Sorry, just read about mouth breathing, that needs no other reasons, it can cause HVS on its own if you do it constantly.

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