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Ds 21depressed and I'm struggling with it

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Orangeanddemons Thu 10-Dec-15 13:05:32

I just don't know what to do. He sits and cries at me. I'm his source of help and comfort, but I'm only human. It's starting to pull me down. I've tried everything to help him. He's been put on fluoxetine but it's not kicked in yet.

He's doing an MA, but it looks like he'll have to drop it, as he can't deal with it the moment. I'm scared he'll harm himself. I'm also facing the most stressful week at work imaginable next week. How do I cope with it all?

smileyforest Thu 10-Dec-15 20:00:43

Feel for you, I'm dealing with my 17y old son in what has been described as a Psychotic state....(see my other posts)...He will not engage with anyone. Had to drop out of college. Incredibly sad to see and deal with. It has affected my own health, I've had to take time off work. Sorry you're going through this emotional pain.

Orangeanddemons Thu 10-Dec-15 20:45:19

How long were you off work for?

derxa Thu 10-Dec-15 20:50:31

I'm sort of in your position, Orange. Discovered last week that DS 24 has suicidal thoughts and he has the same medication. I'm fortunate in that I don't need to work. I would do anything to help my son get well. I just sit with him and talk all day. flowers

derxa Thu 10-Dec-15 20:52:22

OP He needs you. Have you got other sources of support?

Orangeanddemons Thu 10-Dec-15 21:22:32

I know he needs me. I talk to him all the time, ill always be there for him, but it is a struggle. Dh supports me, but he's not ds's dad. His dad is useless. I love my ds so much and just want him to get better. I wish I didn't have to work so I could help him more. Has the fluoxetine kicked in for yours yet?

Why do these young men take life so hard ? sad he's such a gentle sensitive lad.

derxa Thu 10-Dec-15 22:25:15

No and today the doctor doubled the dose. My DS is a lovely person too Orange.

Nepotism Thu 10-Dec-15 22:29:29

Young Minds charity are a real lifeline. I've had four years of this with DD and they're the only people to have asked how I'm coping, which is not very well.

derxa Thu 10-Dec-15 22:33:07

Oh God Nepotism Four years!

Nepotism Thu 10-Dec-15 23:48:00

Yep sad. We didn't have great support from CAMHS and it's non existent now.

DorynownotFloundering Fri 11-Dec-15 00:04:35

Op its so hard,
I have an almost 21 yr old DD just in the process of withdrawing from uni. She has been diagnosed with clinical depression & has struggled on for 18 months so now she is going to leave & concentrate on getting well. Christ knows what she'll live on,I'll help with rent but she's not eligible for any benefits as she's never paid NI poor love sad

Derxa glad you have him home, you are doing the best thing lots of cuddles, let him cry & rant .xx

smileyforest Fri 11-Dec-15 20:29:18

I've been off 6 weeks, initially with back pain but then my son became ill. I couldn't cope with my job. I work in health and at the moment I'm too emotional as it feels like I'm grieving for the son I had...Very little support around x

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