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Health anxiety

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Fuzzyduck21 Wed 09-Dec-15 07:41:27

I've always battled with anxiety and.depression but since becoming pregnant the health anxiety has taken hold. Now ds is 12 wks old I can no longer cope. HA generally now revolves around me having something that will leave me infertile (have fertility issues anyway). I was very distressed during my induced birth and requested additional vaginal examinations to see how I was progressing. I am now terrified this has led to an infection that will go undiagnosed. This is because the midwife at delivery warned that extra examinations over the standard 4 hourly could lead to infection but at the time I was so distressed I didn't care. Now I am terrified.

I'm also very upset with how I handled the birth and nothing went to plan. Plus can't breastfeed so upset about that too.

This is just the latest thing. There are many others. Just can't cope. Having cbt counselling but this just seems to consist of counsellor likening my worries to a spider in the corner of the room that I can't take my eyes off and he just keeps saying I need to take my eyes off the spider and focus on something else. How? Help me sad I am desperate to enjoy all the time with my beautiful son and this is ruining my life. X

midsummabreak Wed 09-Dec-15 13:29:19

sorry you are going through this It is awful you are worrying so much sad Been there and it's not nice What your counsellor is suggesting is only possible if you are not overwhelmed by the anxiety, and can find some energy to practice, for example 'Mindfulness" exercises Other stuff that helps if you're able :
Daily rituals such as making the effort to make an act of kindness to others each day, attending an exercise/meditation class/ positive self talk every day "I can do this" "I will give this a try today" " I am deserving of respect" brisk exercise helps me with anxiety- quick walk/brief 3min run/walk 3min/run3min for 10mins a day
You may like to try starting a diet that works to make you feel healthy- whatever works for you, e.g see the threads on low carb or 5:2 or whatever makes you feel great Have plenty of fresh vegetables & water daily Try taking vitamin supplements daily- vitamin B in the morning, and magnesium at night
if it's ovewhelming, have you thought to visit your GP

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