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Mirtazapine and driving

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LapsedPacifist Tue 08-Dec-15 11:53:47

Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate some advice.

DH has just (reluctantly) started to take Mirtazapine yesterday, for anxiety, depression and insomnia. He is already taking a cocktail of drugs (including methotrexate) with nasty side effects, for other conditions.

Next Saturday he is planning to collect DS from uni - a round trip of 130 miles. I am very worried about how mirtazapine will affect his ability to drive, especially as he's only been driving for 14 months, although he is normally a safe and confident driver. The journey is quite straightforward with no motorways. DH is only taking 15mg per day but I understand from reading threads here that the lower dose causes more drowsiness, particularly in the first few days.

I'm seriously considering collecting DS myself, but am a very nervous and relatively inexperienced (3 years) driver. My nerves have been shot to pieces by DH's tantrums and anxiety in the car when I'm behind the wheel (although I've never had an accident and am very risk averse) and I've lost a huge amount of confidence. I no longer ever drive with DH in the car and have never undertaken such a long drive by myself.

I'm sure I could manage TBH, if I take the journey in stages, but he reacted very badly just now when I suggested collecting DS and is most offended at the suggestion he might do anything to endanger him.

tellmeofthetime Tue 08-Dec-15 18:52:31

He should be fine. I found the drowsy effects lasted for ten hours, so I timed my bedtime dose depending on what time I needed to be up and about the following morning. 15mg is a low dose too. I started on 30mg but was zonked, so settled on 22.5mg. It's really good for anxiety and insomnia so tell him to persevere.

LapsedPacifist Wed 09-Dec-15 20:23:08

Thanks tellmeofthetime! That's very reassuring smile. I'll remind him to take his tablets early the night before he has a long drive.

MountainDweller Sat 12-Dec-15 01:19:34

Could you go together to collect DS? I won't suggest you share the driving given what you said but you could be there for moral support and keep an eye on him, helping him to stay alert.

My DH took mirtazapine and was fine driving the next day. It's an individual think though I think.

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