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Feeling so depressed/on my own

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Mummyof02 Sun 06-Dec-15 03:57:52

Hi all, I'm 19 in college and mum of one and got one on the way. I have a few close friends and people I talk to and even fewer family, I also have the father of my son and unborn,that I'm with in a unstable relationship. The thing is I feel so alone me and my partner are like passing ships and even when we are together we tend to bicker and argue and fall out. My partner rarely helps out with our son who not long ago was discharged from hospital after having a brain op ( our son was born with a rare condition where apart of his brain grew outside of his skull ) I find it hard to cope sometimes and have to take medication everyday as I have a mood disorder which I was diagnosed with after having a relapse in 2013 and another one in 2014. I'm also not very close to my parents and hardly speak/see them anymore. And I don't have many friends that I could talk to, I've never felt more alone. I just can't see a way out- well I can but it's not the answer. I just want to live a normal life but after everything I just can't see a way. The other half has been away for a few days and I feel so fragile I just don't feel I can cope with anything anymore I am honestly finished. I like keeping busy but I know when I have the second baby keeping busy won't be a option , I don't know what to do.. Advice please x

Asteria36 Sun 06-Dec-15 04:09:56

I'm not sure that I will be of massive help, but couldn't read and run. Have you spoken to your midwife about feeling isolated and depressed? Give her a call on Monday. Do you have a HV/OT for your DS? I'm not sure how these things work, but surely there is some support available for you?
Just take it one day at a time and try to do something positive, don't be afraid to ask for help. Be kind to yourself, you have a lot in your plate and I would be amazed to find anyone who found all that easy.

DenTow Sun 06-Dec-15 19:39:23

Wow, I've just joined as feeling possibly depressed but have just read your post and you have so much to deal with at such a young age. Don't give up, go see a professional and maybe you and your partner can sort things out with help. Having a baby is a big deal, having a baby plus all the stuff you have going on and another one on the way. As Asteria36 said, it would be amazing to find anyone who would find it easy. Don't beat yourself up

Mummyof02 Tue 08-Dec-15 09:11:12

Thanks for both of your advice will try see things in a brighter light , feel a little better xx

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