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Can a doctor help?

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Frizzyliz Sat 05-Dec-15 18:51:06

Going through a rough time at the moment and worry that a doctor won't really be able to offer much help.
Background.... I suffered from depression about 6yrs ago. Death of a grandparent kicked it off and I received some counselling which helped at the time. I managed to cope well for a long time but would have bouts of low mood (nothing to be overly concerned about)

Over summer I paid for private counselling as my relationship with my husband hit a bad patch and I recognised my lack of self esteem and wanted to sort it.
I found it ok, but it took up precious time and cost money so ended it as I felt ok.

Since then my husband has lost his job and come January we are going to be using savings unless we find him something.
I have felt quite low since the summer, dislike my job, feel the monotonous day to day grind is getting to me. I miss spending time with my young daughter, we were hoping another child would be on the cards but now we are so far away from it after our relationship issues and now the unemployment.
I think my husband is depressed and I feel empty and void. I keep getting ill, am run down, either feel nothing or want to cry (a bit like I'm pretending life isn't happening) and I'm making more mistakes in my job.
I find I am very good at hiding behind a facade so no one would know how low I am.
The only thing that makes me happy is my daughter right now. Me and dh fight and nitpick (we love each other but the stress is taking its toll)
I've booked to see the doctor as I worry I am suffering with stress and depression. I need to improve how I feel as I am trying to keep the whole family afloat.
Dd is 2 at Xmas and I want to be happy at this time of year but am terrified of what January will bring.
Will the doctor be able to help or am I just going to have to wait it out?

NanaNina Sat 05-Dec-15 20:04:17

I think it's a good idea to see a GP. You do sound like you are mildly depressed, so not sure whether you will be offered meds, though given your history the chances of another bout of depression are very high. Did you take meds 6 years ago?

Obviously the meds aren't going to be able to deal with your life problems but meds can take the edge off your low mood. Sorry just re-read your post and see you have said "I feel nothing or want to cry" and those are definite symptoms of depression (possibly moderate) I am no medic but have a diagnosis of recurring depressive disorder. Don't worry about Christmas - real life isn't like the adverts on TV! And January is the busiest month for divorce lawyers.

GPs often offer counselling on the NHS but it's usually CBT and you get 6 sessions. I'm sure the fact that your DH is losing his job is making him edgy and depressed. What are the chances of him finding something?

Might be an idea to write down your symptoms (bullet point list) and either give it to the GP or use it as an aid memoir. Most of us burst into tears by the time we get to the GP so don't worry if that happens and you won't be telling the GP anything s/he hasn't heard many times before. Approx one third of all GP consultations are MH related.

Frizzyliz Sat 05-Dec-15 20:21:01

I chose to avoid meds 6 years ago as I wanted to get to the route of the issues.
I feel I know why I was depressed but the same issues crop up time and again.
I don't want to split with dh. I feel our mental states are making things worse and if we both get to a better place things will be so much better.
We are both unwell and are trying to keep each other afloat.
He was a teacher and has now had to leave the profession. He can get other work but no one seems to be interested as all he has ever done is teach.
His low mood is making it increasingly difficult for him.
I really hope the gp can help change the path I am on.

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