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Advice please

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charley30 Sun 29-Nov-15 19:39:57

due to being unwell for nearly a year Iv reached out to a lot of people to help me out with taking my daughter to school shopping medical care etc I have been seeing a cpn who hasn't helped me very much anyway Iv also got a very emotionally detached partner practical but no support on my down days . He shouted at me this morn and tgat upset my whole day and said in the middle of his rant that he was the only one to have stuck by me everyone else hasn't . So Iv been feeling low all day thinking about this cos u know what I am pretty much on my own friends say they'll be there for u then u never see them again . I wish I had a better support group around me I really think it would help my mental wellbeing . So my advice I'm looking for re a friend who walks her daughter to school and has been helping me out by taking mine Iv noticed tho less contact from her last week or 2 and never know if she's gonna help out or not it's worrying me and causing me distress because mornings are so tough should I just take the bull by horns and taxi from now on as I'm so sick of messaging her and seeing that it's read but she doesn't reply . I feel paranoid that she's thinking y aren't I better by now and able to do it myself but she was always a good friend just feel so let down and alone tho someone else offered to help as its winter and too cold to walk but I don't want to hurt her feelings either I just don't know where I stand with her I wish I cud just do itself the way I always did and not have to rely on anybody and no partner can't do it either

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