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Bipolar symptoms

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Heaveniswaiting Sat 28-Nov-15 21:10:30

Cmht appointment yesterday and I raised the issue of bipolar and how it relates to some of my symptoms (racing thoughts, insomnia, excessive sex drive, spending, severe agitation etc). My current diagnosis is psychotic depression. The lady I saw was rather dismissive and said it's not bipolar as you get so high you think you rule the world.

I don't have grandiose type symptoms but do have symptoms that could fit with hypomania or mixed episodes. I'm thinking more bipolar 2 possibly?
I have a meds review in the new year with a new psychiatrist and will mention it then. My concern is that I don't feel heard, just dismissed.
I'd rather not have any diagnosis or illness but would appreciate an accurate assessment as treatment may differ. My current meds regime works to a point but could be better, which is why I feel it's important to get it right.

I take my husband with me to appointments but yesterday I just didn't have the energy or ability to take it further. Cmht is a quick fix, with an 8 wk timeframe before discharge back to GP.

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