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Bipolar and not on correct treatment

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ElectronicDischarge Fri 27-Nov-15 23:20:28

I've posted in Student Parents but I'm hoping I can get advice here too.

I'm bipolar (apparently 3 but personally feel I'm two), on quietapine and prozac. And just generally struggling.

My cpn has refused to refer me back to the psych to up my quietapine, despite me deliberately scaling it down during pregnancy but being very open about my desire to return to a 'normal' dosage. She refuses to do so on the basis I'm breastfeeding and its a sedative (deliberately want to return to it when have family support shortly as I'm on a visit), but as I point out, its already in my system and she had no factors in the Finnegan scale (11 weeks old). I'm an ex nurse and current med student,so I have some fair judgement.

I'm not considered bad enough for any financial help but I'm still being obsessively followed by by cpns. Just feeling lost.

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