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Sexual distinction on AD citalopram - should I quit?

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cranberryjuiced Fri 27-Nov-15 15:41:56

I can't orgasm, in a nutshell and it's horrible. In fact I barely have any feeling at all (literally in my genitals - sorry for too much info!) and this is very unlike me.

I've only been taking 20mg for a month and the other side effects have subsided.

Am ok to just stop dead with them as its only been a month?

They haven't made much of a difference for me other than kill my sex life.

teacupnic Fri 27-Nov-15 15:46:52

I think that stopping any AD suddenly isn't a good idea. I know you feel they're doing no good but stopping taking them can make you feel awful.

There are ADs that are less likely to have an affect on your sexual response and libido. I'd make a GPs appointment ASAP and ensure they're aware that the citalopram is affecting you in this way as well as not being helpful for your mental health at present.

cranberryjuiced Sat 28-Nov-15 11:19:50

Thanks for the response.

I wonder if there are any one off drugs that could help with anxiety attacks rather than continuing to take some tuning daily.

And I of course meant disfunction in my op, not distinction! smile

CharlieSierra Sat 28-Nov-15 11:37:01

Hi Cranberry, I've had this on Prozac, but it wears off if I stick with it. About a month in is probably the worst bit for me, so I would recommend at least another month and see where you are.

Branleuse Sat 28-Nov-15 11:57:07

id half the dose for a week and then come off, or just see how it is just coming off cold turkey. or do every other day.

I had bad side effects from citalopram, I think i stayed on it for 2 or 3 weeks and then just stopped. Couldnt hack feeling so physically shit on top of going mad. I didnt have any problems from just stopping after that amount of time, although everyone warned me to come off slowly etc, but it really was not the same coming off them after a few weeks, than it was coming off a different antid after a few years.

WanderingTrolley1 Sat 28-Nov-15 21:34:23

I was on it for a 2 months and stopped it but replaced it with a different AD.

cranberryjuiced Sat 28-Nov-15 23:02:01

I took half a tablet this morning. Plan on doing the same for a week, then doing that every other day then quitting

I've taken it before and stopped after a week and was ok

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