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Anxiety through the roof

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Everyoneafter3 Fri 27-Nov-15 13:56:50

Just that.

I've been having a dreadful time over the past few months with anxiety and depression. I've had it on and off for six years but this recent episode is due to a very stressful time at work.

I'm on citalopram and have started counselling but I'm feeling really dreadful today. I think I've been feeling worse since the counselling started tbh.

I don't expect replies but I've noone to talk to. Dh doesn't get it. My friends have their own not insignificant issues. My parents think mental health issues are made up and pathetic.

NanaNina Fri 27-Nov-15 14:06:57

Oh god it's bad enough suffering from this horrid illness (I've been suffering for 6 years too, on and off but with me it's mostly depression) let alone people thinking you're making it up. I think it's so sad that still in this day and age and with 1 in 4 suffering at some point in their life, that MH issues are just not understood. Approx one third of GP consultations are MH related.

Can you have a lazy day (on the sofa under a blanket) do you have children, if so tat makes it so much harder. I'm a grandparent so have no LOs to look after. Hope you feel better soon.

Everyoneafter3 Fri 27-Nov-15 14:14:02

The dc are at school; I need to get them in an hour. Dh is out tonight and I was supposed to be taking the dc to a family party but I'm so anxious about that too, it's like any little thing outside of the norm 'sets me off'.

Thank you for replying.

MagpieCursedTea Fri 27-Nov-15 14:17:57

Counselling can make things worse to start with in my experience, it's like opening a can of worms, but it will get better. I know it's hard but stick with it.

I'm sorry that your parents are so unhelpful. It took mine a long time to get their heads round it. I found that books and leaflets about MH helped my parents and then my DH learn a little more about my illness and how to help. Mind do a great range, might be worth getting some for your DH.

Have you spoken to work about your anxiety? Do you have a manager you can trust or someone in HR? They might be able to reduce your workload for a while or give you some support?

Everyoneafter3 Fri 27-Nov-15 14:37:31

My manager's aware. He had no choice really: I had a panic attack at work a few months ago - I was so, so stressed out - and another colleague called him as he's a first aider. I trust him implicitly but he's powerless to do anything.

Daft as it sounds I'm actually feeling stressed about Christmas too. Lots of family pressure. Lots to organise.

charliesweb Fri 27-Nov-15 14:46:54

I have been a depression and anxiety sufferer I think probably most of my life, but only diagnosed in the last few years. Last June I had a breakdown and events this week have made me realise I'm not yet fully recovered. But I have been well for a few months now. I think the problem is I'm more vulnerable to times of stress. Something happened at work today which I think probably in the grand scheme of things is quite unimportant but I am feeling like its the end if the world.
I wanted you to know you're not alone and there are people who understand. Nobody can ever appreciate how tiring and difficult it is to live with anxiety unless they've been there themselves. Part of the problem I think is that when we use the word anxious it means something small. But anxiety the illness is something which consumes you and affects you physically as well as mentally. It makes you question your judgement and interpretation of the world around you.
I have found that writing down my thoughts often helps be to make sense of them and put them in perspective.

NanaNina Fri 27-Nov-15 16:05:14

Have you got anything to take for your anxiety? I have diazepam 2mg so small dose but they help quite a bit. I think Christmas causes a lot of people to be anxious tbh - it's all the hype and the expense and it's all really about money. The ads make me sick, with all happy families sitting round the table as a smiling mother carries in the turkey! I think emotions get heightened at Christmas and for many people it's a sad time if they are on their own - also January is the busiest month of the year for divorce lawyers!

limon Fri 27-Nov-15 18:05:12

I could have written your post. its just dreadful. I am having a medicine review and am hoping they'll Fi d so.ething other than citalopram to help. I've been on it three years.

Everyoneafter3 Fri 27-Nov-15 18:48:19

The citalopram is helping - I can function - but I'm going to increase the dosage. The GP talked about trying fluoxetine plus propranolol but doesn't want to give me the latter because my blood pressure is crap.

I'm so fed up.

dippydeedoo Fri 27-Nov-15 18:52:35

I have anxiety too and have citalopram but I have propanolol to use when I'm anxious it really helps,anything can kick me off lol the beat of music, a bang and sometimes I can't even think what's done it .....I've had CBT and many many sessions with a con and I'm now able to rationalise my anxiety although those who know mW know when I'm stressy.

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Sun 29-Nov-15 01:07:37

How you doing OP? I'm posting at this silly hour as I am awake shredding my poor thumbs in a crazed anxious state because DH is out and not come home yet, he is out with friends and probably fine but I'm on high alert and unable to sleep because every time I close my eyes I think what if he
is drunk in a ditch / got in a fight / held hostage by terrorists / been run over / been arrested / passed out somewhere / been in a train crash

Urgh my mind is buzzing and now I have to write down every scenario and rationally decide whether it is actually likely to happen

Anxiety is evil and can be so debilitating. I find myself exhausted all the time from the constant worry and guilt about worrying (and worrying about guilt)

Hope you are doing ok OP. It is hard not having anyone to talk to, I opened up to a friend recently about my depression and anxiety and her response, no word of a lie, was "well you must be great at pretending because you seem fine!". Urgh sad

Everyoneafter3 Sun 29-Nov-15 15:53:57

I'm a bit better, thanks.

I ducked out of the family event which I feel bad about but just for once I put myself first. Dh keeps saying I seem fine now but I'm not. Well, I'm better, but I'm not fine.

Another counselling session tomorrow and I have to go straight to work following the session. I'm finding it such hard work, mostly because all the coping strategies in the world aren't going to address the problem: my job has caused this current dip. After my last session I booked a morning off but I can't tomorrow.

My dc1 is having some problems with school atm and that's not helping. She's being bullied and because it's not happening in the classroom they are struggling to deal with it.

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