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Appointment today - really anxious

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vxa2 Thu 26-Nov-15 11:55:50

I am seeing my CBT therapist for the first time today after almost 6 weeks I first saw him when I had PND and since then he has helped me through a number of episodes of depression/anxiety and provided ongoing support - so sometines when I am well I might not see him for 2 or 3 months.

The thing is the last time I saw him I was on day 5 of stopping venlafaxine cold turkey. Because I was not doing as I was told my psych was refusing to help me and I emailed him saying I thouigh he was lacking in compassion. My therapist said he didn't think I should have sent the email and he didnt think I should have stopped the drugs. I know he is entitled to his opinion and it is not his job to agree with me but I really felt he took sides with my psych and was really upset about that.

Today is my first appointment since then, I didnt intially want to contact him as I felt our relationship had broken down but I have found his input life saving in the past and my GP encouraged me to make contact. I think she was right.

I am really nervous about it. I feel as if I dont know here to start. I dont want to go back over how he upset me as I think its pointless and I should just move on but I still feel upset about it. I am also worried about his room because I dont want to sit in the window where I can see my relection but I know that just sounds pathetic and attention seeking to raise. It is just making me really anxious.

As the appointment gets closer I am getting really agitated. I just dont know how to approach it.

Has anyone else had to rebuild a relationship with a therapist.

vxa2 Thu 26-Nov-15 12:35:44

He has just cancelled anyway.

NanaNina Thu 26-Nov-15 20:38:15

Oh no - that's so unfair, when you have psyched yourself up for this appointment. Did he offer another appointment. I saw my psych today (I hate these appointments) even though he was very nice, and was almost an hour in there, but he just asked me that same things as he asked me last month!

You obviously found CBT really helpful?

vxa2 Fri 04-Dec-15 15:04:32

Yes 11 Dec so another week to wait. Just trying to hang on in there. Yes I did find CBT helpful but if I am unwell less so. I need to use time when I am well to learn techniques I can use to stay well if you see what I mean. I remember you had your appt with the private psych today. How did you get on. PM me if you want.

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