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5th week of reducing my citalopram dose. Can I have some advice please?

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TiffinayAchingsFeegle Tue 24-Nov-15 16:55:06

Because I feel like crap and not sure if it's the reduction or a bug or something.

I began taking citalopram in Jan 2015 when my amazing, life long best friends cancer was deemed terminal (a poxy 2 weeks after she was told she was cancer free).

She passed away in May and I've continued with the 30mg a day.

I began to reduce them 5 weeks ago (taking the 20mg tablet every day and the 10mg tablet every other day).

Right now I feel like crap, my head feels weird my legs are shaky (could be a bug?) but I also feel unhappy, snappy, anxious, pissed off and as though I have something big to worry about but not sure what it is. Or that something big is looming that is bad.

Thing is, I didn't feel those things before my friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

So I have some questions if that's ok?

Is coming off citalopram creating these feelings?

Does that mean I'm more 'stuck' on them than I realised?

If I continue this reduction (as in, not reduce further, but continue taking it as I have the last 5 weeks) will these feelings subside? If so, how long will it take?

I'm really not up for feeling like a shaky, snappy misery when Christmas is coming up and I have a new, full on job which needs me to be happy and on the ball.

creampie Wed 25-Nov-15 18:16:28

If you started reducing 5 weeks ago and are reducing that slowly I would suspect it's not withdrawal. You could try 20mg every day and 10mg for 2 days then one day off, but I suspect it's not the meds.

You sound like you've got a lot of stressful things to think about right now which are more likely culprits.

I would see the GP

Wolfiefan Wed 25-Nov-15 18:23:46

I would speak to the GP. I was advised to wean off citalapram very very slowly (and it was fine). At 10mg you have suddenly cut your dose for that day massively.
I was told I needed to feel ok for 3 months (I think) before reducing. I wouldn't want to reduce to less than 20mg. Stick at that for a few weeks then 10mg?

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