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second child blues

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24hourM0MMY Sat 21-Nov-15 00:39:26

Just had dd 10 days ago and I'm feeling very detached from ds (4.5year old). I just want to hold him and spend time with him but obviously i'm very busy with the newborn. I just miss him terribly. Is this weird? Can't wait for the baby blues to go away!

Needtobebetter Sun 22-Nov-15 21:04:20

I felt very much the same, in time it's got a lot better so I hope it does for you too. I found I was much more teary the second time around and it was mostly because I felt guilty about DS1, then once DS2 got more lively I felt guilty about not having enough time for either of them. Now (5 months on) things have settled and I no longer feel detached from either of them. I do feel anxious though but I think that's something else.

Congratulations on your newborn, give yourself plenty of head space and relax a bit. Find nice things for your DS to do whilst you're feeding and make up for it with extra cuddles and lots of praise for the good things he's doing during the day.

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