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What's wrong with me? I don't even recognise myself

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outofpaper Wed 18-Nov-15 22:41:48

I often think about how better it would be if I wasn't around, it's only my ds that keeps me going. I eat crap, drink to much, and feel completely disconnected from life. So so tired. Feeling low and depressed and just can't face another day like this.
I have always had a tendency for depression but not this bad for so long. I feel like I have completely given up and if it wasn't for ds I would want to not be here.
I was on Prozac but came off it 2/3months ago thought I was feeling better. Maybe I should go back
On them

KeepCalm74 Wed 18-Nov-15 22:48:22

Sorry to hear how you're feeling. It certainly sounds like a trip to GP to discuss it is in order. Please try and be kind to yourself - remember it's the illness talking. Massive hugs x

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