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Success of claiming PIP for mh?

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mjmo0oseface Wed 18-Nov-15 17:01:23

Hello all,

I'm just wondering if anyone here has successfully claimed PIP for any mental health issues? I'm asking on behalf of someone else. They struggle with post traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar, anxiety, mild autism, panic attacks... Non-medicated, tho. Manages with weekly counselling and therapy sessions (that are shutting down very soon) and self care. The idea for claiming PIP is to help pay to continue counselling and therapy, as well as having a back up if work becomes too much. The person in question does work, but not full time and works by themselves in a non-customer facing role so contact with other people is minimal. After looking at the PIP points system, they do qualify for at least enhanced care and standard mobility rate and have rang for a form today.

So just wondering what other people's experiences with PIP are? What supporting evidence did you have? My friend can't fill forms in by themselves and really dreads the assessment. Can you take someone with you to the assessment, or have it in your own home? Does anyone ever get out of having to go to an assessment, if their health care worker writes a statement about how it would affect the claimant?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

BackInTheRoom Fri 20-Nov-15 12:45:59

There is a PIP group on Facebook

mjmo0oseface Fri 20-Nov-15 19:51:58

Is there? I know there's a DLA one for children but couldn't find the PIP one... what is it called Bibbidee?

onlyoranges Sun 22-Nov-15 13:30:35

I get PIP but not for my MH issues. Your friend can get support from one of the many organisations out there filling in the form. There are indicators which you can access online your friends condition needs to meet those. Take a look at them.

Everyone dreads the assessment but I have to say I found them totally lovely. Anyone going for the assessment really needs someone to go with them. Never known anyone go alone. Also never known anyone not have one. You can request to have them done at home but you would need to have a case as to why eg agrophobia (officially diagnosed). I don't think a support worker would be enough unfortunately to exempt her to attend.

Anyone who is supporting your friend should write a statement. Don't send the form off until you have got those. Ask them now to write them as there is a return date on the form which you must not miss. So psychiatrist, counsellor etc and any other professional involved. Photo copy everything before you send it off including the statements to! Hope that helps a bit

mjmo0oseface Tue 24-Nov-15 08:31:14

Thank you onlyoranges I'm glad you found the assessment lovely. I shall pass on all that you've written, thank you!

They've done the indicator test and from that they could get at least enhanced care and standard mobility. Just waiting on the form to arrive now. Bit of a tricky time to be doing it really, leading up to the Christmas period! How long does the assessment appointment take to come through? And then a decision? Is the payment backdated from when you first rang for a form like DLA is? Thanks again! smile

onlyoranges Tue 24-Nov-15 11:44:01

My assessment form went in then waited around 2 weeks for a letter to come with an assessment date to come which was about 3 weeks from there but it was cancelled 3 times which happens a lot apparently. The decision comes a week or 2 after that. It all felt very quick. Yes the payment is backdated.

mjmo0oseface Thu 10-Dec-15 19:48:36

Thank you for your feedback onlyoranges Sorry I didn't get back to you before now! The friend in question decided not to go through with their claim due to high levels of anxiety and got rid of the 'how your disability affects you' form. Their therapist has managed to convince them to go ahead with it with some help with the form so just hoping they can get a new form sent out now!!

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