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LovelyBath Sat 14-Nov-15 14:21:55

Can I ask if you get any support besides meds and what help it is? I have been discharged now from the local mental health recovery service where I did have a care co-ordinator visit me at home every week or two. I do have family support which is why I asked to be discharged and I also felt that they have given me quite a few things to use to help with things. The problem is my husband is supportive in terms of suggesting things to help and with practical support for example with the children but he doesn't like to talk too much about my symptoms and of course it's tricky with the children around. I'm not sure whether it is helpful having someone else to talk to anyway as it made me a bit scared the way they take notes and sometimes it can make the symptoms seem more real in a way. I used to stress over the visits. Any idea welcome. The things that they've tried so far are CBT, problem solving and mindfulness. I mainly have anxiety but the diagnosis is recurrent depression with psychotic features and I'm on a low dose of antipsychotics permanently. The GP reviews meds six monthly. Many thanks xx

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