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talking therapies can't help-where else can I go?

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Rainbowlou1 Sat 14-Nov-15 13:45:24

I have had loads of support from mn following some issues I had with my husband. I have decided to stay with him and he is like a changed man, however him betraying me is still there some days and affecting my mh etc. I have history of depression and self harm and was aware the familiar feelings of anxiety and depression were resurfacing.
I referred myself to talking therapies as I have nobody to talk to in rl and had my phone appointment last week.
I excused myself from work and parked up down the road where I cried and bared my most private and personal feelings to this counsellor who agreed I needed counselling and somewhere to 'vent'. She then proceeded to tell me that the waiting list was so long that they have now closed it to new patients to clear the back log so suggested I go to relate or similar!
I feel like I dragged all this stuff up for nothing and it's all so raw again but I cannot afford to pay privately for counselling.
Does anyone know If there is any other service I can go to?

LovelyBath Sat 14-Nov-15 14:24:30

The GP used to be able to refer for six sessions of counselling but not sure if that's still the case. I wonder if that might be helpful to you x

TeaStory Sat 14-Nov-15 14:31:41

MIND usually offer a fixed number of sessions of free or low-cost counselling.

Rainbowlou1 Sat 14-Nov-15 16:39:22

Thank you lovely bath I have an appointment next week with my gp for something else's so I may ask her.

Rainbowlou1 Sat 14-Nov-15 16:40:30

Thank you Teastory will have a look at them too!x

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