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Coming off Citalopram and losing the plot...

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SeaBear Wed 04-Nov-15 19:41:10

So a month ago I decided to come off my daily dose of 20mg Citalopram for good (after previously being on 50mg Sertraline which didn't work great for me). I have been on ads for approx 2 years. I did the usual one every two days slowly weaning myself off... Until two weeks ago I decided to stop taking them completely. Admittedly I have probably come off them too quickly, but it seemed better than the crippling anxiety it was making me feel every day and generally feeling quite erratic. Trouble is, now I feel like I am completely losing the plot!

Not only am I experiencing physical symptoms like some sort of 'brain shake', blurred vision, dizziness and just generally feeling as I am going to fall over, but the emotional symptoms are just awful. I am usually quite a patient, cheerful person, but the anger and frustration I have felt over the past few days is borderline psychotic... I genuinely feel like I hate everyone and everything, which in turn is making me extremely bitter and snappy. Not only that, but my emotional wellbeing is falling apart. I am extremely down, sad and teary, paranoid, suspicious, feeling as though everyone is against me and can't leave a group of people without being convinced they are saying bad things behind my back, which in turn makes me feel like I hate them. I am experiencing this with even my closest of friends. Basically, I am feeling as though I am sticking two fingers up at the world the past week for no reason what so ever. I have no sympathy and generally think everyone I talk to is an idiot... Although perhaps they are. wink

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to see if I can try Wellbutrin (the ad's were to treat an 'aggravated depression and anxiety') but I guess what I am asking if whether anyone has experienced anything similar when coming off these meds?

Advice or similar experiences welcome... I am feeling quite alone in this right now sad DP is supportive and caring but doesn't fully understand never experiencing depression or meds himself... I think he thinks his DP has been kidnapped and replaced with a dragon!

NotNob Wed 04-Nov-15 20:47:55

Yes, I felt very similar and turned into a shouty, impatient person. It became quite impractical being a mum of two small DC's so I went back to full dose, despite weaning v v slowly over a period of 6 months. Over the past couple of days I have dropped from 20mg to 30mg with no problems, although my problems always begin when I get below 5mg. I find exercise really helps but apart from that I'm sorry to say I've no advice, save to say you're not alone.

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