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skype hypnotherapy for ocd- as effective as face to face & price

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yougotthelove Tue 03-Nov-15 12:18:50

Hi all,

Any help here would be appreciated.
I posted recently looking for a hypnotherapist in London for ocd and you were all very helpful.

I spoke to a hypnotherapist yesterday who is quite well known. He is not near to me & does alot of skype work & would see me via skype.

Do you think that someone skype hypnotising you could work as well as face to face.

Also the price is alot, alot for something that is over the internet (more than usual price of hypnotherapy). I don't know whether to go with him as I know as what he does in person works, but I wonder about how good it is over skype? I worry to pay alot for it not to help at all.

Any help or advice or info if you would do it over skype or have done would be great. am needing some words of advice.

thankyou smile

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