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is this normal marriage?

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Tjb20050 Mon 02-Nov-15 20:41:05

Ive never posted anywhere like this before but i feel so low i dont know what else i can do. My husband doesnt let me talk to him if anything is wrong and he has no respect for me, he is always doing stuff he knows upsets me, miserable and nasty to me all the time. He is against me on anything i say and seems to always want to argue. He knows im upset and says he just doesnt care and cant change that. If i say the kids cant have pop etc he still does it behind my back when im at work. I dont really have anyone. I just feel so hopeless and i dont know what to do as i just feel like i cant cope anymore. I feel broken. Were not allowed to talk about anything and if we do he falls asleep or just doesnt ever say anything. Hes told me before he hates me and everything i say he hates. He is selfish beyond belief. His dad died when he was a young teen and his mum over compensated and never told him off and he was allowed to do anything he wanted bringing girls home, get in debt, no rules. So if i say we cant afford something he hates me for it. Is this normal marriage, as people say the grass isnt greener and if i can fix this i want to as i love him.

Parietal Mon 02-Nov-15 21:21:41

that is not a normal marriage. my dh listens to me and would never do anything do upset up on purpose.

keep talking here and more people will come with more advice.

Parietal Tue 03-Nov-15 22:28:52

i'm sorry to see no one else has posted with more advice. but if you ask in 'relationships', I'm sure you will hear from people who have been in similar situations and can help.

Tjb20050 Tue 03-Nov-15 22:45:08

Thank you for your replies. I feel alot better today about things. Your kindness means alot. Thank you. I didnt really know there was different sections but think ive figured itout now.

amarmai Wed 04-Nov-15 02:00:53

click on Report at the top of your post and ask mn to change you to Relationships. You will get more answers as this is not a normal marriage and it is very bad for you and your children. In the meantime ask your GP or pastor or minister or sw or--- to direct you to counselling .

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