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Accused of making anxiety up

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Bhxlady Sat 31-Oct-15 07:37:03

I have recently been off work with dreadful anxiety I returned to work Monday to find out members of my team have been saying I'm making it up and don't have an issue at all how can I make them understand what anxiety is and how crippling it is too me

JeffsanArsehole Sat 31-Oct-15 07:44:36

You don't. And there's no benefit in talking about your medical condition with your bullying boss. You said on your other thread you were suffering again because of this and might need to be off sick.

If you feel well enough perhaps contacting HR is an option?


Kennington Sat 31-Oct-15 08:04:11

It is really hard to be in this situation because when you take time off others will have done your work. Once you come back, all well , people will then question if you were unwell in the first place.
You have to brazen it out. People will move on.
I wouldn't continue to talk about your anxiety and I would just get on with the work. Avoid too much chit chat and gossiping aNd just let others do this.

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