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Monkeybabiess111 Fri 30-Oct-15 17:57:10

I have a diagnosis if eupd, after thus diagnosis I was discharged and over time for better. ?? for 2 years then in July I started feeling down and anxious of everything gp says anxiety and pnd, locum put me on ad 6 weeks ago. Old gp wants me off it, cpn says I'm just tired and that she thinks breastfeeding is a big problem and strongly recommended I give it up but I should be in a ad with sedative effect but also discharged me from Cmht.
All gp/cpn/ hv say I don't come across as someone with eupd and cpn questioned it as i was fine for 2 years.
She thinks sleep will fix my suicidal and self harming thoughts and stop me thinking to much and help me start eating again- so I'm my conclusion I'm not unwell I need sleep and with a 7 month old that doesn't sleep and 4 year old with asd that's not about to happen.
My main thing is can someone with eupd be ok for years like this as its confused me a lot.

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