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Husband with mental health?

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anon2016 Sat 24-Oct-15 09:20:40

Hi there,

Just in need of some advice.

Me and my other half have been together for 10 years we have 2 children.

Recently I was in hospital undergoing a life changing operation which has left me quite ill.

Whilst in hospital my husband become very paranoid and possessive accusing me of sleeping with doctors in the hospital.

Wierd I know but it has just got worse.

He wanted to me to leave my phone on whilst he listened to me sleeping ( no doubt all night long)

He now accuses me of hearing sexual noises and me saying some foul sexual remarks.

This is on a daily basis and it is really getting me down. Im ill I have 2 children to look after and I feel I cannot heal.

He doesnt let me sleep he constantly accuses me.

I just want to hear what you think I should do I dont have any one else to talk to.

NanaNina Sat 24-Oct-15 14:44:40

Your OH most definitely sounds like he is mentally ill. I am not a medic but know a fair bit about MH issues (suffer from depression) It also sounds like he has a psychotic mental illness (as in being out of touch with reality) Has he ever been like this before, or does anyone else in his family suffer from this type of mental illness.

He needs to see a GP sooner rather than later who will almost certainly refer him to a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment. The problem is that when people are suffering delusions they don't realise they are ill - that being the nature of delusions of course. Somehow or other you are going to have to get him to a GP and assessed by the Community Mental Health Team.

Did all this start when you were in hospital - if so it seems to have built up very rapidly. Do you have any RL support - are you having any aftercare for your illness - district nurse or similar?

You definitely need to get help both for your OH and you. When psychosis has paranoid features it is potentially dangerous.

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