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Health Anxiety

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gemsparkle84 Thu 22-Oct-15 21:01:17

Hi I am 21 weeks pregnant and suffering severe health anxiety. I am convinced I have cancer and it has spread. I have a few things going on... Back ache (pain in a certain area and pre pregnancy), a cough 6 months and lump in my breast. I had an ultrasound on my breast and the doctor said it was a cyst. This gave me some short lived reassurance but now I am in total panic. I live my life worrying I can't stop. Please help. I have been referred for CBT but therapist was off sick when it was my first appointment and I'm waiting for a new one. I'm so upset. X

Melrick Fri 23-Oct-15 14:47:52

I am sorry you are feeling so bad. I know how horrible it is to be worrying over symptoms all the time. Its good to hear that you have been referred for CBT so hang on till it comes through.

Can I suggest you have a look at the No More Panic website as they have an excellent section on Health Anxiety and a good forum as well. They can probably give you lots of support.

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