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They can't do anything wtf?

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swisscheesetony Wed 21-Oct-15 18:09:14

Last week I was taken to hospital.

Since then I've had hv checking up, social services, police have me down as "vulnerable person", social services and psych team hve phoned my ex stressing the importance of me attending my psych appt. yesterday.

So I had my appt yesterday and was told "we can't give you meds", "we can't give you any therapy as we don't hve any clinical psychologists" and "I won't make another appt but if you are referred again we'll see you", here's a link to psychiatrist website and buy this book from amazon. "You're very clever I'm sure you can get back in track".


I need help. They asked if I felt safe and I said no, I'm cutting and have a method of suicide worked out. They said I was "cold and clinical" in my description.

So say I needed a c-section, would the obstetrician tell me to buy a scalpel on amazon and download a "how to" guide from rcog?

I'm just stunned by this assumption that because I'm clever I'll figure it out. They put me in bloody hospital last week ffs.

I don't know what to do.

Wryip11 Wed 21-Oct-15 22:51:31

Sadly it is funding. Took me months of repeatedly being in A&E or S136 by the police to get any help. Trouble is the more you need to fight for help the less you are actually able to do it.
Nothing I can really say to help but keep speaking to the crisis team when you need to and I hope you get the help you need.

NanaNina Thu 22-Oct-15 00:08:25

Dear god - I know mental health services are thin on the ground to say the least but that's horrendous. Can I ask what your diagnosis is, and why they can't give you meds. They actually gave you the website link for the Royal College of Psychiatrists?

Complain to the CQC that covers the Hospital Trust.

MummySparkle Thu 22-Oct-15 00:16:08

Oh goodness, you poor thing, that is terrible behaviour! Can you call them and ask for another appointment with a different person? Is your GP supportive? Do you have a crisis team in your area? If you can find the number they may be able to help. So sorry they have left you like this

swisscheesetony Thu 22-Oct-15 08:32:06

First of all, thank you ALL for replying - when nobody responded I thought "oh, I am invisible"! grin

Wryip11 Sadly I think it might just take that, you know, multiple emergency visits to me. Without outing myself too much last weeks visit meant the police coming to my island (we have no police force) and an emergency ferry being laid on for the ambulance. Subtle eh!?

NanaNina My diagnosis is Borderline and AvPD (less of an issue that one). I've had a lot of therapy in the past for BPD and was told to "draw on those resources" and it's just a relapse. Meds don't really "help" per se with borderline, however I did say I could really use a few weeks worth of anti-psychotics just to get me through this patch. I dissociated whilst driving on Sunday. Psych asked if this was a dangerous traffic issue - I said it could've been bad for sheep... And yes, he gave me the link for the Royal College and said that although most of the info would be for professionals, obviously I'd be able to read through it and apply the information to myself.

mummy It was the consultant psych/clinical director I spoke to. Given my geographic location there aren't to many options at all. I have the number of the mental health unit but I'm not sure that's the crisis team as such. My GP (useless) left last friday and the new/locum started on Monday so I don't know him yet.

I just don't know what the fuck I'm going to do. I bled through my towel last night and will need to wash the couch covers. I feel utterly fucked.

It was decided that "therapy" from a regular counsellor would not be beneficial as due to my "intelligence" and experience with therapy I'd run rings around them. There's currently no clinical psychologist on the team and apparently nobody on the team has experience with personality disorders.

Monkeybabiess111 Thu 22-Oct-15 10:13:22

So sorry your going threw this.
I have the same diagnosis and I'm struggling to get help.
I was referred to a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist without meeting me decided I don't need seen by him and the Cmht are meant to be watching me I've not seen anyone in 6-8 weeks.
It's leaves me feeling worthless and useless I think I must not deserve help and the thoughts I have I should do what they say as no help is available.

Sorry I droned on that moral of my post I'm sorry your going threw this your not alone I wish people like us were not written off.

Wryip11 Thu 22-Oct-15 12:10:50

It's the Borderline diagnosis - I have the same and basically they use it as an 'excuse' not to do anything. At the moment I am 'too unstable' to benefit from therapy so there is nothing they can do - how am i supposed to get stable enough then!!??
Luckily I moved areas and the new one is miles better, albeit much slower - took them months to even allocate me someone but now they have I see them fortnightly and we are beginning stabilisation work. They have also prescribed ADs which first area refused as thankfully the Phsyc said i was clearly depressed. Am finally beginning to get marginally better ...
Even the paramedics told me to 'keep on doing' what i was doing until i got help, and eventually the police got so hacked off at taking me to S136 place of safety only for me to be released and the whole thing start again they actually went to the CMHT office and demanded answers!
So, sadly, you might have to keep on going to A&E until they actually manage to do something ... Don't give up but keep forcing the issue - every bleed / cut go to the doctor or hospital and hopefully they might sort themselves out.
Assume you might have children? Social services got involved with us (because of my diagnosis / suicidality) and put dcs on a child protection plan. Did nothing except every 3 months they asked CMHT for a report which seemed to spur them onto at least appear to be doing something ... Not something I would recommend except as a very last resort!
Chin up and hope you are OK

elementofsurprise Thu 22-Oct-15 18:52:17

I can't offer any useful advice but just wanted to contribute another voice saying you're not alone in this - it is shite. Remember, it is not about you when they won't help.

Ooh actually my one piece of advice - if you can get PIP benefit, do, and find a private therapist/counsellor with the money. The only useful thing my team did was write evidence letters for PIP - they were so sick of me showing up, the police taking me in etc and knew I'd spend the money going private...

Perhaps a "Diagnosed BPD" support thread might be in order. <steps away from laptop to avoid huge incoherant rant about BPD, feminism and callous psych workers>


swisscheesetony Fri 23-Oct-15 07:45:21

It's "nice" to hear your stories and learn I'm not alone. I feel overwhelmed by the lack of support though. When I was ill before it was overseas and their borderline programme was fantastic - e.g., I was allowed to just go to the mental health unit and just sit in reception all night if that's what I wanted to do, they'd even send a taxi. I felt supported.

element Unfortunately I can't get PIP right now as you need to have spent 2 of the last 3 years resident in the UK and I'm just outside that boundary. But as soon as my "go" day comes around I'll phone DWP again and get the ball rolling. And, as you say - even if the gits won't help me, they can jolly well do my forms and support my application. The money would make a huge difference to me - especially if I could get mobility. It's 2 hrs on public transport into town/hospital for me and that's just excruciating - all those people "seeing" me - I'm sure you'll understand that one!

I'm going to phone the GP this morning and make an appointment, if nothing else they can send me away with a carrier bag full of bandages to mop up my mess.

I'm just breath-taken by the lack of support. At the very least I was expecting to be called back in a month for a "still alive?" appointment. Also, as I say - I was diagnosed abroad and I got in touch with my old team to see if they'd send the notes over. No need, new unit has happily accepted my verbal diagnosis. Is that weird?

I would love a BPD support thread for irrational and illogical rants. grin

Also, do any of you use an advocate service? I'm finding it really hard to deal with officialdom - e.g., phoning up about bills type stuff.

swisscheesetony Fri 23-Oct-15 07:48:25

Why the fuck are we suffering alone with this? I read a shocking report last night that says we are 400 (!) times as likely to complete suicide compared to the general population... and we're just left.

elementofsurprise Fri 23-Oct-15 15:48:47

new unit has happily accepted my verbal diagnosis

I'd put money on them not doing that if you had any other diagnosis. But tell them you have BPD and they can write you off straight away - job done.

At the very least I was expecting to be called back in a month for a "still alive?" appointment.

How dreadfully attention-seeking* of you. They couldn't possibly do that in case you became "reliant on services"*! No need to show inappropriate anger* about it. No doubt you have tried to manipulate* them by asking for help. Tut tut!

*<fills BPD Bingo card>

Obvs that last paragraph was rubbish, but to demonstrate how diagnoses are apparently confirmed... But it's great fun playing BPD Bingo in your head back at them - the service is crawling with people with various PD's, according to their criteria, - and the service itself is diagnosable with numerous disorders.


Oh btw mobility element is vanishingly unlikely but care element is not (all mine is care).

Are you going to start the ranty thread or am I? Btw "irrational" is possibly not the best word for the rants......... makes sense to me. smile

Sometimes I keep living, just to piss them off. I hope you find some relief from the pain, somehow flowers.

Apologies for the disjointed nature of this reply x

Wryip11 Tue 27-Oct-15 08:52:05

element that BPD bingo really made me lol this morning grin

Meandyou150 Thu 29-Oct-15 16:32:19

watched a panorama programme the other day saying how bad mental health serices are at the monent. its all lack of funding from the government, everything has been cut.

its disgraceful

having said that i had a breakdown whilst pregnant recently and whilst it took a while to get into the system, once I was there my care was amazing. Cant praise them enough. So its not all doom and gloom everywhere

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