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Not winning today

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Puttheheatingon Mon 19-Oct-15 20:26:18

Don't know why. I was thinking the other day how well I was feeling but I'm feeling awful today.

I've got a meeting at work tomorrow that I'm dreading. Just dreading. It shouldn't be anything to worry about but I am. I feel sick. Ice had some bad news about a friend today and that's made it all worse.

I just want to crawl into bed. I want to be in darkness because that's how I feel: dark.

I'm certain my DH thinks I'm being ridiculous.

amarmai Wed 21-Oct-15 13:53:04

sorry to read how badly you are feeling,op. Have you spoken to your gp?

Puttheheatingon Wed 21-Oct-15 20:44:29

Thank you.

I'm due a visit in a couple of weeks. I'm on 20 mg of citalopram and I'm not sure it's enough. I've also got a counselling session in two weeks but I'm so stressed about it as I'm convinced the counsellor will say I'm being daft like dh does

amarmai Wed 21-Oct-15 21:24:23

counsellors don't think like that and if your h does he's not helping you , he's hurting you. Talk to your counsellor about what your h is saying to you and get her advice. Hang in for 2 more weeks, op.

Memyselfandthatotherperson Wed 21-Oct-15 21:45:57

Not daft. You feel how you feel. It's hard when you have that voice in your ear telling you your feelings aren't real and that it's all in your head. Counselling could well help. Hopefully you'll get a good match.
Be kind to yourself a little bit every day, whether you feel justified in doing so or not.

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