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feeling lost

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Mommagonnaknockyouout Sun 18-Oct-15 00:00:05

I've suffered with anxiety for a number of years, each episode getting worse. I've been on medication but doesn't seem to help. One days these panic attacks will kill me as I can't bear them. The pain in my head and face is unbearable. I have know support and I'm considering self harm as ice, water and other things are just not destructing me enough

amarmai Wed 21-Oct-15 14:01:47

Salvation Army comes to mind and churches offer pastoral help. Maybe go outside as it may remove you from some of the self harm options. Is exercise a possibilty? Fast or steady walking around the area where you live or a nearby park perhaps. YWCA has outreach programs worth checking out.

amarmai Thu 22-Oct-15 10:18:46

Hi OP, i am wondering if the pain you are suffering can be helped by physio therapy . My son has found great releive from a sacrocranial therapist who gently manipulates the bones in the body to adjust their position when they are out of alignement. Also have heard that dentist can adjust out of alignement jaw bones which can cause facial and head pain. I just remembered the Good Samaritans organisation. I do not live in uk so there are other organisations that i wd not know.Please access help in rl.

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