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Suicide Threat - what do I do. Please help

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FrancoisLaPrune Wed 14-Oct-15 17:04:09

My work involves helping people with financial issues. I have been speaking via email with a client today who is facing eviction next week. Due to his depression, the issue has been left to worsen over the last year and although I am trying, I don't think I can stop the eviction (it has already been adjourned once).

The last email I received from him said he will commit suicide, he was serious and he has the means to do it. Since then I have had no response, his phone is going unanswered.

I have seen his medical history which is one of chronic depression among other issues.

I have tried to speak to his GP - I have letters from him on file. Unfortunately the GP was not available so I was put through to a locum. I explained the position and she said 'Oh dear. Ok I will try and phone him'

I explained that he isn't answering his phone but was told it was fine she will try. I asked whether there was anything else I should be doing like phoning the police and she said no its fine they will call him.

I am 3.5 hours away so not local. He is a client not a friend so I have no idea who his friends and family are.

I just feel like I haven't done enough and wondered if there is anything else I should be doing?

Thank you

AnchorDownDeepBreath Wed 14-Oct-15 17:06:40

I deal with this at work, and we report any suicide threats to the local police, who will visit.

I'd give his local police a call and let them know everything you do know - address? And name, and that you are seriously worried that he'll hurt himself as he's made a seemingly legitimate suicide threat. They should go and see him and help him to access help.

TheoriginalLEM Wed 14-Oct-15 17:09:46

The poor guy sad I hate hate hate this government - bastards.

Do phone the police. They will visit.

gamerchick Wed 14-Oct-15 17:11:42

Yes ring the local police to do a welfare check. It's all you can do really. Poor bugger.

99percentchocolate Wed 14-Oct-15 17:15:01

Definitely phone the police. And thank you for caring flowers

FrancoisLaPrune Wed 14-Oct-15 17:18:58

Thank you so much for your quick replies. I will call the police.

I really hope it was just a threat. I feel sick.

Chapsie Sat 17-Oct-15 16:43:10

It concerns me that you work don't have a policy for this sort of situation that you can follow. Make sure you note this incident and get them to review procedures. Not fair did you to take this level of stress.

LEM - why is it the governments fault ???!

NanaNina Sat 17-Oct-15 19:24:28

Am absolutely staggered Chapsie that you ask why the government is at fault!! Have you not noticed how they are trampling over anyone who is a benefit claimant, declaring people who are seriously ill as "fit for work" including people with serious mental health issues (many have gone on to commit suicide after being found "fit for work") sanctioning people who are 5 mins late for an appointment at the Job Centre, or who they claim are turning up on the wrong day - sometimes for a month but can be for 3 months, so the claimant gets NO money at all and they are just told to go to a food bank. Disabled people no longer get Disability Living Allowance, and the replacement benefit (PIP) there is a backlog of claimants awaiting to be processed, up to 12 months and longer and in the meantime, NO allowance.

Hundreds of people have lost their council homes because of the bedroom tax, as they have been unable to pay the "surcharge" and there are not enough smaller council homes for them to move into. Private landlords can charge extortionate rates and Housing Benefit doesn't cover the rent, so if the tenant can't pay the top up they have to try and find something cheaper, which is often impossible, and they too can become homeless. If they have children they are put into awful B & B accommodation. The govt could stop this immediately by regulating rents, so that landlords don't make vast profits out of letting out property.

Most benefits are paid to people IN work, although the government don't like anyone to know this. They are now cutting Tax Credits even though they promised in their manifesto that they wouldn't do this.

London has been "socially cleansed" - people who were renting properties at a high rent and claiming Housing Benefit have been moved out from the places where they have always lived, their families live and children go to school - doesn't matter - they have been moved all over the country, wherever the cheapest housing could be found.

The NHS is on it's knees and the British Medical Association is warning that it is facing the biggest crisis since its inception in 1948! The govt are demanding massive savings of all public services to pay for the deficit which means that they can't carry out their statutory duties. Most public services have been privatised and that means private agencies carry out the care that council "Home Helps" used to carry out. Given that LAs have severely depleted budgets, it means they can only afford to "buy" care in 15 minute slots. The carers know this is not enough but they are exploited as the are paid minimum wage and not paid for travel between their clients. So older people who need care in their own homes aren't getting it.

The bankers caused this crisis by their greed so they should pay, not the public services. This government is the worst tory government in my memory - they are ruthless and care for no-one other than the rich and powerful.

Hope that's answered your query!!

TheoriginalLEM Sat 17-Oct-15 19:40:01

Everything Nana said and more - mental health services are on their knees, its an invisible illness very often swept under the carpet so the government manage to dodge spending money on it because people are too stigfmatised to stand up and be counted. So on top of his financial difficulties this person is most likely not getting adequate treatment and support for his condition. I hold the government utterly responsible.

NanaNina Sat 17-Oct-15 19:51:23

Hi Lem - hope your ok(ish) think you've been having a rough ride lately?

Oh and Chapsie don't believe anything you read in the Sun or the Daily Mail or any of the redtops. It's all lies.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 17-Oct-15 20:33:49

Hi Nana - i'm much better than i was, still having ups and downs but hoping the general shape of the curve is upwards. Have been doing running which is helping loads (although not sure its helping my poor hips and back!). Hope you are good too.

Chapsie Sat 17-Oct-15 23:34:00

I have respected you a lot for years and years on MN Nana but your rant at me was unacceptable and there was no need to go back in for the double posting attack. But you probably feel better now especially as you got to hit out at 'bankers' too. Generic generic generic.

At no point in the OP did it mention the guy being a benefit claimant. So fill the massive chip on your shoulder. Not everyone with MH issues claims a benefit and some still succeed in screwing up their finances.

LEMs reply about govt impact on mental health services was far more informative and gave me food for thought.

Chapsie Sat 17-Oct-15 23:35:05

Actually I furious that you ranted at me like that. It was completely uncalled for.

NanaNina Sat 17-Oct-15 23:42:27

Oh dear I wasn't actually ranting at you Chapsie although I can see how it looked that way..........I was just ranting in general and as you can see I feel very strongly about the way people are being treated by this government, but it really wasn't personal. I'm sorry I made you so angry - that wasn't my intention and you're quite right, I shouldn't have posted again about the Sun and DM.

Once my fingers started tapping I was away..................I'm a bit puzzled by your comment: "generic generic generic"

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