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I have nobody

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FlowersAndShit Sat 10-Oct-15 19:26:46

I'm 25 and wish I had one good friend. I haven't had a friend since I was 13 as I struggle with agoraphobia and depression/social anxiety. I'm so fed up and have started going out by myself but just want a friend to do stuff with.

wotoodoo Sun 11-Oct-15 04:11:24

Being friendly will help you make friends! Could you do some volunteering, join a club or get yourself a dog? May be a rescue? Having a dog magically makes you more approachable and friendly when out and about walking your dog grin

Good luck op flowers

FlowersAndShit Sun 11-Oct-15 23:26:17

Thank you for your reply. I'm looking to get a cat from a rescue - hopefully my landlord will agree to it!

wotoodoo Mon 12-Oct-15 12:55:02

A cat will be a little friend for you at home so that is good. How about looking up a local cat rescue place and offer to help out there? It's important that you get out and about to meet people but its better to have a shared interest as the ice breaker smile

stablemabel Sun 18-Oct-15 16:10:00

That sounds like a good idea Flowers. Also how about writing to someone, you could start by writing and then maybe ringing and carry on from there.
It's easier to make friends if you can find some interests/hobbies.

Wishing you luck flowers

FlowersAndShit Sun 18-Oct-15 16:28:19

Thank you smile both, that's a great idea, it's something I could work towards. I've just referred myself to a charity who provide mentoring for people with MH issues. They are volunteers who have also expereinced MH issues and overcome them, so hopefully they can help.

Qwertybynature Sun 18-Oct-15 16:32:24

I think wotoodoo suggestion is great; volunteering is a great way to meet people and if you like animals, it's a good way in. Perhaps you could just help out for an hour a week or every fortnight so you don't overwhelm yourself until you build your confidence up.

It's great that you are managing to get out by yourself, that's a pretty big step. Good luck from me too flowers

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