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gotta< offload

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ohmagosh Sun 20-Sep-15 22:44:25

Please help 1st time posting nervous but not functioning at all well severe depression is crippling me my story is long but I will try to get it out albeit slowly extreme headache at the moment in bed in tears frightened of the outside world... Read many posts felt compelled to give this a go....lost my job through this illness and many other major things it's now trying to take my life
No RL help
Please do not suggest Samaritans there a distraction but they make me feel wretched

ohmagosh Sun 20-Sep-15 22:49:03

Insomnia is ruining my life struggling to type out the issues that brought me hear just don't want any more to live like this sad depressed anxious scared of the future which means I freeze do nothing

Wryip11 Mon 21-Sep-15 14:47:42

Can your GP help with the insomnia? If you can get some sleep hopefully that will help. You say no RL help - have you spoken to GP / mental health services? In a last resort is there a mental health crisis team you can call? OK they can be a bit basic if they don't know you but it is a real person to talk to and not like the Samaritans who want you to talk, they will initiate stuff. Hope you feel better soon.

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