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Feeling alone

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Tallyjunior Mon 14-Sep-15 17:04:07


I am not sure how to put this but am finding it hard to deal mentally with being pregnant. I know I should be excited but I just feel worried and scared all the time. I lack any energy to anything after working all day. I found out a few weeks ago that I was pregnant again after having a miscarriage, which should feel like good news but I still haven't had that happy moment. My partner is in the army and so is away a lot during the week but recently he has been on excerise so has not been home for two weeks and won't be back for another 2 and I finding it hard to cope with everything.

He says it may be easier when we start to tell people but due to the miscarriage we wanted to wait till the scan but that not for another two weeks. I just feel so alone

thisisnow Mon 14-Sep-15 18:36:29

I hope you're okay. Just to let you know you're not alone. I feel the same at 10 weeks haven't managed to feel any excitement yet. I'm dreading people finding out as then I will have to pretend to be happy when I'm not. Must be even harder for you with your husband away all the time. Do you have anyone that you can talk to about how you're feeling?

Tallyjunior Mon 14-Sep-15 19:52:19

Thanks. It's good to hear am not alone in not feeling excited. I feel so feel guilty as everyone was so excited when we found out I was pregnant before but this time am worried about everyone will say because it is so soon after the miscarriage.
The only person who know is my partner but I feel bad about letting him know how unhappy I've been. Not sure how to explain it to him

thisisnow Tue 15-Sep-15 10:30:27

Just be honest with him, I'm sure he'll understand. Maybe the m/c is effecting how you feel about this pg in an indirect way. Hope you're okay flowers

Tallyjunior Tue 15-Sep-15 18:35:06

I am feeling better today I think just writing it down has helped a lot. Thanks for listening x

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