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citalopram at night????

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ffffffedup Wed 09-Sep-15 18:13:44

Been suffering with anxiety and insomnia since ds3 was born 6mo ago. Luckily for me he's a very pleasant easy going gappy smiley baby who sleeps 7-7 absolutely no issues with him at all I adore him he's the only thing that keeps me going tbh.
I have 2 other dc 8 &5 and whilst they aren't angels are any kids angels they not devils either but I feel unable to cope with them, the simplest of tasks like getting them ready and out the door or eating their tea etc seems like a huge battle to overcome when really they are probably no different to others their age playing up sometimes.
I find it really hard to sleep at night if I do manage to fall asleep at a reasonable time I'll be awake 4 hrs later and that's me for the night, I can not switch my mind off I spend the night worrying about situations that haven't even happened yet like returning to work in a couple months or things I need to do the next day even what Xmas presents I should buy etc etc. If I could take my head off at night and put it back on again in the morning that would be great. I'm exhausted and looking as rough as hell on the lack of sleep. I've been taking citalopram since May I've been back to Dr today who has upped it to 30mg and suggested I take it in the evening in the hope it clears my head during the night. Has this worked for anyone else? I don't really want to go down the sleeping pill route in case the children need me at night.
Really I just want the fog to lift in my head and get a decent kip, if I wasn't so exhausted I'd probably find my dc easier to deal with. I've tried all sorts to try get a decent sleep I've tried going to bed earlier later, bath milky drink, a glass of wine, lights out darkened quiet room, tv on, reading etc etc nothing works. I generally have the tv on but I've not got the attention span to actually take in what I'm watching same with reading my mind often wonders off. I need a chain saw to chop my head off really sad

ffffffedup Thu 10-Sep-15 02:37:12

Bumping for some support

westcoastnortherneragain Thu 10-Sep-15 02:45:06

I used to take it at night, it was fine! Hope that helps!

ffffffedup Thu 10-Sep-15 02:52:55

Did it help you sleep?

badgerpillow Thu 10-Sep-15 03:52:58

I always took citalopram at night instead of the morning specifically because it made me sleepy. Usually about 20 minutes after taking it I was out like a light, although it did seem to give me some very odd dreams.

Definitely think it's worth a try - especially if the doctor recommended it.

Jemimapuddleduk Thu 10-Sep-15 17:12:49

It may be worth considering one of the older, sedating antidepressabts (Dosulepin, amytrptyline, mirtazapine). Dosulepin worked fantastically on my pnd which was characterised by severe anxiety and insomnia. Minimal side effects for me too.

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