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DPs health is breaking down

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SueDBastards Fri 04-Sep-15 23:23:50

I don't know what to do. My DP has been sectioned under the mental health act as a teenager. His mental health has deteriorated in my opinion. His DM passed away recently and he won't look, talk or listen to me.

I have asked him to speak to his GP and he just grunts at me and I don't know what to do. We have a 7yo DD and I don't want her to suffer. Please help me.

SueDBastards Fri 04-Sep-15 23:27:01

Reading that back it doesn't make much sense. I've been with my DP for nearly 10 years. Before I met him he was badly abused and due to this abuse he attempted to commit suicide several times, ending up with him being sectioned. Recently his mental health has deteriorated and I am struggling to cope.

NotAJammyDodger Mon 07-Sep-15 23:35:30

Hi, you don't say if your DH was (or is) currently on any MH meds / under the care of a doctor or what his mental health issue was previously. Are you able to elaborate a bit more?

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