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Anxiety in pregnancy

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Sleeplessinnorthlondon Sun 16-Aug-15 17:49:11

Hi everyone,
Been posting in pregnancy but wondered if might be helpful to get views from those who have managed more bravely with similar issues on this board. Basically, for reasons have got vague idea of but uncertain on been affected quite badly off and on with anxiety throughout much much wanted pregnancy and now massive fear is impact of said anxiety on the baby itself due November..
Had generally good weekend at friend's wedding with only minor wobbles and feeling clam ish for me so wanted to run some things past you whilst feeling like this to see what you thought.
One, anxiety worst at key points either morning or if been apart from dh too long, if tired or if too stretched or u stretched: basically if well rested and busyish with lots of time with dh generally ok to tense but not actively panicking or tipping into really dark. all the studies I've read about neurodevelopmental problems caused by stress in pregnancy point to chronic and severe stress: am I naively optimistic to hope that being a bit on edge most of the time with the odd genuinely good time mixed in with quite a few worse times wouldn't be this? Psychiatrist said impossible to know conclusively at this stage in research what level stress damaging but as have not been in hurricane, moved country, had anyone die etc is it fair to think risk of harm small?
Two, psychiatrist said risk of harm from stress we can see in current research tiny if existent. Friends in stats including here reassured me this means less than 1% increase in risk. Am terrified if child born with problems dh will fairly blame me but he says he won't and also that shouldn't blame self as such a small risk unlikely to cause problems on its own - does this sound right?
Finally. Is it best to be optimistic that somehow baby spared any harm or stay super vigilant so can get him help ASAP if needed also to insure self against total breakdown if manage to allow self to be hopeful only to see ultimately have caused him huge problems and am overcome with guilt - what do you think?
Thanks so much for help and support already, mumsnet really is superb and

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