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Due to go on holiday an anxiety gone into overdrive

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foslady Sat 15-Aug-15 23:16:25

This is my 1st relapse since I went to see the Dr in February.

It's been a stressful month - issues with ex, handing in notice and getting ready for new job, very short staffed in current job, etc, and we're due to go on holiday shortly to Turkey. And all I can think is that I'll offend the Turks wearing my (normal) holiday clothes, thanks to bloody Facebook and a stupid woman on there saying about someone asking about washing windows and now I think they've been to my house and I'm going to be burgled (someone knocked on the door this morning asking this and we're the next village along), as well as all the usual worries about loosing stuff when out there. Ex also went and did the usual 'You be careful out there - what with all the bombing and what have you' which I know is a stupid thing to say, you could be caught up in that stuff anywhere in this world and where we are staying is a long long way away from the areas having troubles.

Could someone - anyone - just tell me it'll be ok, and the holiday will be lovely, and to stop worrying about the cost? Right now I really don't want to go, I feel sick at the thought of it and don't want to leave my home, just stay inside these 4 walls and not face any of it. I haven't been able to get to the gym this week which hasn't helped and I won't be able to get now before we fly. Actually typing this has helped - think I'll dig out an old exercise dvd, that should help, shouldn't it?

Sorry if this is garbled - my mind's all over the place

GourmetGold Sun 16-Aug-15 00:37:32

IMO going on holiday can be sooooooo stressful (as in the getting ready, leaving the house etc). If you're like me you'll be stressed right up until you get in the car/on the plane...then you'll relax and be fine!
You will have a great holiday and don't worry!

Have you got some timers that you plug into your sockets? You can have a few lamps on the timers, around the house, set to come on in evening (off late), so it looks like you are at home. That's what we do, apparently burglars don't like going near houses with lights on (heard ex burglar saying this on radio program) as they don't know if people are in or not.
Can you get a neighbour to check on your house and text you regularly to say all okay?
My mum goes to Turkey on holiday, she just wears what she wears in other places like Greece and Spain, I don't think you have to cover up, so don't worry about that.
Like you say, you are a long way from the troubled areas, Turkey is a very big country. Not worth worrying about.
If exercise helps you feel better, go for it!

foslady Sun 16-Aug-15 08:32:50

Thank you Gourmet, I think I have some timers somewhere - will have to try to dig them out (the only one I know that I can remember is with the Xmas stuff -d'oh!).
Thank you for taking time out to let me know this is ok/normal to stress about going away, I think I'm maybe more sensitive about it all now so worry about relapsing when this is just a blip. It has been a very trying month, and I mustn't loose sight of all that I have come through this month and stayed upright, and think of this holiday as a reward for all I have achieved in acknowledging my illness and taking steps to cope and get stronger so I can live life as normally as anyone else. Thank you for calming me back down the scale

GourmetGold Tue 18-Aug-15 14:11:12

That's okay foslady. I think even the most 'chilled out' people get stressed when getting ready to go away!

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