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Changing form Citalopram to Venlafaxine

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vxa2 Thu 13-Aug-15 09:24:57

I have been taking citalopram since Christmas. It was not working so my psychiatrist tried adding two diffrent drugs neither of which I could tolerate.

I am now changing to venlafaxine which worked for me in the past when I had PND.

I was taking 40mg Cit and the psych told me to half it straight away and then stop it completely after 3 days which I did. I was told to start 75mg venlaxafine the same day and increase by 75mg every week until I am at 225mg in three weeks time. He will then review me again.

The physch said the ven wont help with the anxiety, only the depression and has given me 5mg diazepam to take during the day if needed and 5mg to take at night with or without some zoplicone.

I am now on day three of the ven and feel really shocking. I have pins and needles on my head, massively increased anxiety and the diazepam is making me zonked so I am trying to only take 2.5mg in the day.

Has anyone else made this change and how did it go ? I am definiely going to stick with it because I really hope it will work but I feeling scared, frustrated and pretty hopeless.

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