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can't deal with current news of child abuse cases

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Pulledapart Tue 11-Aug-15 18:34:57

For the past few days massive child abuse rings have been uncovered in the place where I am from and suffered myself as a child. I'm miles away in another country now and currently in therapy dealing with my PTSD however all this has just bought it all back to me.

I feel so bad for the children that are going through it currently there and feel sooooooo angry at the stupid useless authorities who have been ignoring reports of it to keep their books clean of any scandals. So far they have worked out there are 240 children effected and this is just a rough figure so in the end it will likely be 10 times more. I'm also upset to think none of these children will have access to proper support as such support doesn't exist in that place sad

When all the abuse cases were uncovered here I was distraught then aswell and stopped watching the news. I managed to get myself to stage to function normally. This however has had more of an impact and I'm starting to fall apart sad

Not sure why I've posted this I just can't tell anyone in RL how I feel as it will immediately get alarm bells ringing in their ears. They will think I need to be back in hospital to safe guard me.

I'm just extremely sad today and cannot stop the flashbacks of my past. I have stopped watching the news now to stop myself getting further upset.

Pulledapart Tue 11-Aug-15 18:49:41

Sorry I hope I don't upset/trigger anyone with my post.

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