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Help please

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gemsparkle84 Mon 10-Aug-15 19:09:58

I also badly in need of some help. I have terrible anxiety which currently is manifesting itself in me being convinced I have cancer and it has spread. I have had terrible lower back/ buttock/ pelvic pain for around 9 months. I have also had a chronic cough for several months. I have had X-rays all came back ok. I am now 9 and half weeks pregnant which I am so happy about. I am just so worried I am going to die. I think of it every second of every day. I am working 60 hours a week which does not help. I have chest pains which I am convinced are cancer. I have a huge fear of never meeting my baby. I could cry all the time. My first midwife appt is tomorrow. I hope they take my pains seriously. I am so lost.

pnutter Mon 10-Aug-15 23:41:13

I won't be much use but what I will say is that anxiety is massively horrible. Please talk to midwife (if she seems nice) and /or go to gp. Talking will be key to getting control of your anxiety. Oh and congratulations! It is ok to take a few moments a day at least to feel happy that you are going to have a baby. I've got two dc . I've been mentally ill most of my life. They are awesome. Thinking of you and really hope you can tell someone in rl how you feel. Not sure if you have a partner.
It's perfectly normal to have anxiety. Depression. Whatever. We are all human!

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