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So Fil is still depressed and things don't seem to be changing.

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MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Mon 10-Aug-15 12:17:38

Just a follow up to my original thread.

Dfil has been discharged from the home treatment team and is now in the care of some other team. They're going to send in a support worker once a week. Except for this week because apparently she's on holiday. hmm I'm still not convinced he takes his meds properly. Says they're going to kill him.

He's not really any better. He did take a couple of trips out in the car but has now gone back to claiming he's too frightened to drive in case the police get him. Still paranoid and delusional. Still not functioning properly. Not eating well, just about able to do a bit of housework.

I'm really worried that we're stuck with this now. He doesn't seem depressed like he was before, he just seems belligerent and deeply resigned. Like this is how it is now. No hope of a normal life anymore.

Dh is very stressed out. Now I know he knows his own father better than I do but he says a lot of this behaviour is deliberate and manipulative. I struggle to get him to remember that depression is an illness. He says his dad is doing a lot of it on purpose so we keep pandering to him. He says he's perfectly capable of driving. He's just lazy and used to being waited on. I can understand that viewpoint, Dfil is a narcissist and was spoiled and pandered to his whole married life.

The thought of having to put up with him like this indefinitely is awful. He's not the easiest of patients. Dh is very stressed out by it all and also worries about money a lot at the moment. It's the school holidays, we've been out and about and we're also away ourselves soon and he keeps complaining about the cost of everything. We're not broke, he's got money squirrelled away, he just doesn't like spending it. It's one thing after another. He needs a holiday but he'll just spend the week being tight. At least we'll be away from his dad.

And I feel guilty for even thinking that.

I just wish his dad would start to show some improvement. I think Dh is right, I think Dfil likes the attention.

Sorry for the rant, I know there are folks far worse off. I don't mean to sound so selfish but it's such a worry.

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