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need a distraction

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kitkat1989 Mon 10-Aug-15 07:12:59

quick back story... struggling with my depression again... took 2 ods last year was on ssri then came off 3 months ago... started feeling low again... last week i took some pills but my dh came home n made me make myself sick n took me to gp. gp has signed me off work for 3 weeks as im a home carer and am really struggling with the stress.

work really arent happy with me as iv had alot of time off in th last 18 months thru illness. im desperate for a new job.

anyways dh hasnt left me alone since last week, today hes obv had to go back to work. hes removed all tablets from the house except my meds what i need today. hes been gone 30 mins n i already feel like my heads going mad.

i know im going to be getting a phone call from work today asking whats going on. i really want to hand my notice in but we need me to have a job evrn if on sick as we need that little bit of extra money.

i need a distraction!

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