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Urgent advice needed

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junkcollector Thu 06-Aug-15 18:00:52

My dad has suffered from mental health problems for my whole life. He is diagnosed as having bpd and bi polar disorder and is on drugs (I don't know which anymore) and receiving psychotherapy.

When he hits a low he sometimes takes overdoses of alcohol and his medication. Not to kill himself (he says) but to "find oblivion". This has happened a number of times. It usually results in me or my sister kicking his door in, waking him up and taking him to a&e where he either perks up and is discharged or is referred back to his doctor for a change to his medication. He presents in a very lucid way.

Last year I went with him to his psychotherapist appointment to find out if there was a bettet wsy of dealing with these episodes. His doctor suggested to him that doing this might be attention seeking.

Which brings me to tonight. I have just come out of work to find a Facebook post saying that he's going to take an overdose "not to kill himself, but to find oblivion but to say sorry to the grandchildren" (I'm paraphrasing). He's now not answering the phone although my sister spoke to him earlier and he was alive but very drunk. I'm going round now (on the train home from work).

Could anyone advise me on what to do of he doesn't answer the door. Given that he may be attention seeking shall I phone an ambulance, kick the door in and go on the bus to a&e (DH is away with the car) or just leave him to it?

I love my dad and my heart hurts for him but my sister and I are so jaded by all this.

junkcollector Thu 06-Aug-15 18:12:59

Well he's left his door ajar and is snoring in bed so i'll leave him to sleep it off!!

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