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DH not dealing with 'normal' stress

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Notnowdarling01 Thu 06-Aug-15 15:05:50

I'm a bit worried about my DH who has a history of anxiety and depression. He has over the last 6 weeks or so started overreacting to normal minor life stresses. For example, he will have a complete meltdown because he gets a work email in the holidays, which he doesn't need to respond to until he returns. He started screaming at himself this morning over burning toast. He has always had a low threshold for stress and anger but this is way worse than normal. He says he is not depressed at the moment but I can't help thinking a trip to the GP would not be a bad idea. Am I overreacting and just need to let this play out or would this set off alarm bells for you too? Nothing that I am aware of has happened recently that would explain the increase in stress.

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