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Going over past "wrongs" when on a low, and paranoia

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Forgive me, I don't usually post about MH issues as i fear it being used against me.

I have depression, anxiety and a tentative diagnosis of Bipolar Type 2.

When I'm in a low patch I spend hours dwelling on past slights, things that make me insecure, 'evidence' that people don't actually care or love me.

I can quiz my DP about these things but he can't reassure me, as all I'm really doing is torturing myself. In fact, I may already have asked him to explain himself but can't remember the (probably perfectly rational) explanations.

It isn't really to do with current DP, as I did the same with XH during our marriage.

Can anyone talk to me? Have you found ways around these thought patterns? How can you find the strength to be dispassionate if all your energy is swamped by these emotions?

Butterflywings168 Wed 05-Aug-15 20:31:37

Just wanted to say, I know exactly what you mean, as I do this too thanks

The80sweregreat Thu 06-Aug-15 10:27:32

It may be worth asking your GP for referral for CBT courses. I had 8 sessions in 2012 and it does help , especially as the hall was full and other people were there with more or less the same problems. My own was low level depression. Some had anger management issues.
It helped for a while, I must admit. still have very down days, I go over past slights, things have gone wrong in my life too. I have low self esteem.
its hard to talk to anyone as others do not understand what its like to ruminate over past events, mostly it they don't put me in a good light, but I know its just in my head. I am not currently working and this doesn't help either. I can cope some days, but since hitting the menopause it seems to be worse again. They said , in the classes, to just think of negative things as a beach ball, push it back down, deflate it and move on. not always easy to do, I know.
try to get some more help, if possible, and I'm sure others on here will have better advice too. x

byebyemummy Fri 07-Aug-15 22:32:55

Totally get this too.. on the waiting list for cbt. So hoping this will help. I'm driving myself nuts with the thinking over past events/ overanalysing things! flowers emotions can be tough but they can also be your strength

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