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Bi-polar and reality

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kah22 Wed 05-Aug-15 12:54:54

First off let me say I hope I'm not been offensive in any way. If I appear that way it is simply because I don't know how to phrase this question.

My very good friend was diagnosed some years back with bi-polar and this is the second time within three years that she has been sectioned. As her closest friend I'm trying to give her as much help and support as I can. But I don't know where she is at. She doesn't seem to do the depressed bit more the eletation bit!

Anyway I'm wondering how much in touch with reality is she? By that I mean what's her understanding about the state of her health (when she's on a high), plans that she is making for holidays or events or buying something new for her house (things she doesn't need). If you try to tell her that it's not practical, she can't afford the holiday, the settee doesn't need covered and things like that, does she have any real understanding

While she's in hospital she is free to go out and about as long as she is with a responsible adult. She'll quite often go into a shop and buy £10 or £15 worth of stuff to bring back to the hospital, things that she doesn't really need. If she asks for a loan of some money is it best to just say NO. I often do give her a few pound so that when the nurses take her out she'll be able to buy a newspaper, cigarettes, magazines that sort of thing

Really I suppose what I'm trying to figure out is how should I deal with her while she is in a bipolar mood, what can I really do to help her other than just turning up and visiting her and been able to let her out of the ward for a few hours

As indicated above I really don't know what I should be asking


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