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Rispiridone - anyone taking ?

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vxa2 Mon 03-Aug-15 15:53:47

I am taking Rispiridone 2mg daily as an add-on to citalopram for anxiety. I was hoping it would help me to sleep but I am finding that it has the opposite effect. It takes me ages to get to sleep and then I wake very early and can't get back off again. Last night I had to take a sleeping pill (non-prescription from Boots) as well as the citalopram and rispiridone and still slept really badly.

I also sometines get a feeling that I haven't swallowed the pill properly and can feel it moving down my throat - doesn't make me choke or anything I can just feel it there.

I was previously taking Quetiapine instead of the rispiridone and found it really helped with sleeping although there were some very unpleasant side effects (but that's another story).

Anyone got any experience of taking Rispiridone ?

vxa2 Tue 04-Aug-15 13:34:48

Anyone ?

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