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Emetophobics - what treatments have helped you?

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ScottishGlen Sun 02-Aug-15 21:30:39

I've been an emetophobic for as long as I can remember. I generally manage to keep things in check day to day but sometimes come across a situation that sends me in a complete spin and my anxiety goes through the roof. I have used the Thrive workbook and seen a Thrive counsellor . It helped me manage my day to day thoughts and anxieties but hasn't helped situations such as children being sick or in the car with a child feeling sick when I just feel so overwhelmed. What have you tried and found useful. I know there's not a magic cure but anything vaguely positive would be great to hear.

GentlyGentlyOhDear Mon 03-Aug-15 21:01:24

I'm in the same situation and would also love some tips.
I also get very anxious about illness in general and am prone to health anxiety.
I find it eases if I am well in myself - eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep etc. Struggling a bit at the minute though with a 3 week old baby!

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