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Mirtazapine and insomnia when you stop taking it

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peaches43 Sun 02-Aug-15 20:33:20

Have been on Mirtazapine for a few months and it's been brilliant solving my anxiety and depression related to insomnia. Slept well from the beginning which instantly seemed to solve the other 2 problems.

Now want to stop taking it but every time I try I get terrible insomnia again so just go back onto them. Am only on a tiny dose now (3.75 mg) but still can't seem to manage without it. Anyone managed to stop taking them and got their sleep back afterwards? Really don't want to end up back where I started - some nights only sleeping 2 hours as it literally drove me crazy :-)

Any advice gratefully received!

NotAJammyDodger Sun 02-Aug-15 22:08:58

Hi I was taking Mirtazapine and another med called Quetiapine. I did reduce down slowly (and came off both) but it takes a while to get back into sleeping 'normally' / natural sleep cycle though. (I reduced 45mg - 30mg - 15mg to zero over 6-9 months). Also, at a lower dose Mirtazapine has a great sleepiness effect than at higher doses.

Although link below is for sleep problems after coming of Quetiapine there are some suggestions which you might find helpful.

youtwohumpedcamel Wed 05-Aug-15 21:13:44

Yes, but only because I use Promethazine

peachesdolores Wed 26-Aug-15 15:53:17

I've just stopped taking Mirt. It's been almost a week. First few days I slept mainly fine, just the odd poor nights' sleep. Then I had a night when I only slept 3 hours followed by a night when I had absolutely NO sleep at all.

This made me feel really upset and anxious as it reminded me of how I was before I took it! Ended up taking a sleeping tablet last night as knew feeling this way wasn't good. Slept very well but now dreading another night when I might not be able to get to sleep at all.

Found this drug great when I took it but had no idea it could make your insomnia worse when you stopped taking it. Feel a bit trapped but trying to remain as positive as I can.

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