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Can stress and anxiety symptoms occour after??

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Nativity3 Tue 21-Jul-15 18:25:11

Anyone able to offer some advice on stress and anxiety?
Without giving away too many details and risking outing the situation I’ll call the person X.
I think it would be safe to say that adrenalin carried X through a horribly stressful time (about 8 months) and during that time X was fine, no physical symptoms. Now it’s over and X is no longer having a tough time, they are having some possible symptoms you might possibly associate with anxiety.

Is it possible for someone to experience symptoms of stress and anxiety when the stressful event has finished?

MrsBigD Wed 22-Jul-15 09:25:55

I'm pretty sure it can. Prolonged stress isn't healthy and the body will shut down eventually if being stressed all the time. I imagine it could be something along the line of finally getting a holiday and then getting sick because the body is winding down and the stress isn't masking things.

Probably not much help, but thought this way your message gets bumped.

dirtyfabulous Wed 22-Jul-15 09:54:21

I've had a very stressful few months and when the time came to wind down & finally draw a line under it I began to feel unwell. Difficulties breathing, dry mouth, feeling a lump in my throat, pounding heart and I think what was my first panic attack.
I bought a really good book which helped me understand the physical reactions my body was having. It said that it's very common for these things to happen following a stressful/ traumatic time.
I'm dealing with this for weeks now,wondering when it will stop. I'm better than I was but still have a way to go.
Before accepting this was psychological, I had blood tests,trips to GP,even A& E as it felt so bad I was convinced something really awful was wrong with me.
I hope your friend gets the help they need. It is truly awful.

Nativity3 Wed 22-Jul-15 19:11:47

Thank you. smile

I hope she does too but she mostly brushes things off with a "I'm fine". I think because she hasn't had a full on breakdown she thinks she is fine but she's really not her normal self and I can see how badly the best part of the last year has affected her.

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