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Worse before it gets better - fluoxetine-prozac

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Elfinprincess Mon 20-Jul-15 09:23:23

I wonder if anyone here has advice or can tell me of their experience.

I took prozac prior to my periods for pmt. My periods have now become so far spaced apart (I don't have cos) and my mood is really flat. I get excited about eating but nothing else.

I thought perhaps I should take a small dose of fluoxetine every three days (that's what I do before my period to treat pmt, and it had worked). But now I have started to take them throughout my cycle (so regularly, one 20mg capsule every three days (I am told they have a half life of five days) my mood seems to have sunk... I am thinking about food a lot and feel very flat. I have started this continual dose (every three days) about two weeks ago.

I didn't want to take fluoxetine every day as they wipe out my sex drive and I am scared I will never get off them again.

I am not suicidal but I just feel I am existing, but since taking prozac I feel worse, I feel like this every day. I am already a bit of a compulsive overeater - binger and it has made this worse - because I feel so low- Help!

LumpyCustard69 Mon 20-Jul-15 16:59:22

I felt like a numb zombie on citalopram and was switched to fluoxetine.
I would go to your gp and discuss it in depth with them. There may be a far better way of dealing with your pmt.

Elfinprincess Mon 20-Jul-15 18:13:05

Hi Lumpy (:-))

I am also taking it now for low mood... although the low mood is worse, but better in the evenings.. I guess I will have to preserve.

Interesting that citalopram made you turn into a zombie, I find depression (what I think is depression.. maybe just tiredness!) makes me into a numb zombie. I watched things, I care about, I can see things happening but I feel no motivation to move or change my behaviour.

It's tough isn't it- knowing what the right answer is. I am presuming fluoxetine worked for you, if so, glad you found something in the end.

Fluoxetine worked for my pmt almost instantly..

LumpyCustard69 Sun 09-Aug-15 22:52:31

Hi. Sorry I haven't been back to thread!!!

My depression has always gone in ups and downs, and the fluoxetine seems to balance me somewhat, so that I can still feel good and bad emotions, just not to such extremes iyswim? Citalopram just numbed me to everything sad
Both of them took 3-4 weeks to settle into my system. I know some people that have tried a few different ones, so I guess it entirely depends on the person.
I have to say, my sex drive has not suffered from being on Fluoxetine, but did on Citalopram, so I guess that's different for each person too?

I hope you're doing ok.

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